Hello, again, blog life

I haven’t posted a blog for two whole months. Can you believe it?! 

Aaron and I moved house which was super stressful and although our workouts have not stopped, they have been like a chore. 

Energy is my biggest issue and with the house move came a 40 minute walk to work (and home), not a big deal but my motivation to work out when I got home went to 0%


I do this periodically… I lose motivation and I get so annoyed with myself and that pushes me to change.

We joined a gym.

Any of you who read my posts will know that I’ve switched between gym and home workouts like I can’t make my mind up. 

I guess I just do what’s right for me at that time and what will boost my motivation most. Whether it’s going to the gym, working out at home or doing beachbody workouts, the main thing is keeping fit. Goals!

The gym is on the way to work so we head there every morning.

I am not a morning person but waking up at 5.30 am has not been as hard as I thought. It’s easier for me though, Aaron is one of those annoyingly cheerful morning people, motivating me to get up and go. TEAMWORK! πŸ˜‚

We also got our stats measured as a fresh starting point.

Amy’s Stats…

Aaron’s Stats…

I have put weight on but my body fat % is lower which tells me that I have more muscle mass – exactly what I want.

Aaron has stayed the same, which is way better than increasing body fat, especially since the last couple of months have been pretty poor in the way of workouts.

Onwards and upwards.

We will make a special effort to post more workouts and recepies. Maybe we can all motivate each other to be better πŸ’–


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