Feel good Saturday – 10 mile walk.

Daily blog – Day 5 

I didn’t blog yesterday. Oops! But here’s a quick summary of my active Saturday.

We are currently looking for a new house and don’t really know where in the city we want to live yet. We just know that we want it to be walking distance from work. Since it was sunny, we decided we would check out the nearby areas to see what they were like.

We ended up walking 10 miles! 

I wouldn’t necessarily call walking at around 3 miles per hour cardio but I did burn around 700 calories.

My idea of cardio is running or HIIT training but either way, being outside in the sun is good for the soul.

I didn’t do any weight training because once I sat down, that was it! 

It was so nice doing something different and it all counts towards my fitness goals.

Being active in life is key to staying fit and healthy and being outside, seeing a little bit of nature is sometimes just what is needed to calm the mind and make us feel good again.


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