Eating for gains! Mid week meal prep.

Daily blog – day 3

I didn’t work out today but I wasn’t lazy either.

I spent a couple of hours after work tidying and sorting to get ready to move house. According to my fitness pal, 2 hours of housework burns 350 calories (silver lining). That’s a win in my book!

I also decided to do a little mid week meal prep. I slow cooked a beef brisket joint from

I just added some frozen red onion and chipotle sauce and cooked it in the oven for 4.5 hours.

Ta da!

This can be put in a sandwich or baked potato or even just added to salad.

I’m on a high fat, low carb diet so easy meaty meals like that are awesome for me.

Beef brisket has a higher amount of fat than other cuts so it is a great meat for those of us on higher fat diets, plus protein protein protein! I need to keep the gains.

I don’t feel so bad about skipping today’s workout, I was productive. 

I will be doing a double workout tomorrow. Oooh! Leg day. 



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