A week of home workouts

Following our gym ditch, we decided to invest the money saved on gym membership into buying our own gym equipment. Exciting times!

Originally, we bought resistance bands to do any cable machine workouts that we would usually do at the gym. They really saved our home workouts.

Squats, Squats, Squats
Squats have been a real issue because we did not have a squat rack. That meant that we were limited by how much weight we can lift over our head to position the bar.

Our latest purchase is a squat rack and a 7ft Olympic barbell. Yay! 

Since doing squats is great for the whole body. I can’t wait to progress further now that I can increase the weight.

If you are from the UK I would recommend buying your home gym equipment from www.mirafit.co.uk. Their prices are low and dispatch is fast. My only criticism is that they use a delivery company with extremely poor customer service.

Next thing on the gym list is a cable machine but that comes next month, money doesn’t grow on trees.

I can’t wait to show everyone what the gym is like when it is finished.

My Week Of Workouts

This week was hard. We went out last Friday night and drank a little too much (lesson learnt). I don’t drink often and it knocked me on my ass. It affected my workouts more than I thought possible. It took me about 5 days to recover, I was just so tired.

I powered through…

Monday – Arms 

I have only recently started to add skull crushers into my arm workouts. First time I did, I couldn’t straighten my arms properly the next day. That’s the pain I like! 

Tuesday and Wednesday, I just couldn’t 😴😴😴 but that’s okay, I’ll do better next week. On Wednesday I did move the whole gym to a different room which was hard work.

Thursday – Legs

We did 6 sets to failure for each of these exercises, it kind of made up for having Tuesday and Wednesday off.

Squats for the quads and core stability and Romanian deadlifts for the hamstrings and glutes.

Friday – OFF! Chill! 

Saturday – Shoulders, chest & back

These paired up exercises were done as supersets (3 rounds of each superset). Supersets tire the muscles out causing a higher rate of hypertrophy (depending on exercises chosen).

I am looking forward to doing better next week. I think it’s good to document the bad weeks and not just the times when you feel awesome. We’re only human, bad days and bad workouts come hand in hand with good days and good workouts. As long as we carry on keeping fit, healthy and just trying our best, that’s all that matters.


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