Putting the high fat diet to the test!

You can lose weight no matter what you eat. If you are using more energy than you are putting in then you’ll lose weight. Even if you eat junk! (unfortunately) 

Eating a healthy high fat diet can help you lose weight if you stay under your ‘maintenance’ caloric intake.

But it isn’t all about losing weight, it’s about being healthier, fitter and feeling good.

Will eating a high fat diet increase your body fat percentage and body fat mass? 

This is what I would like to know!

In my last post, I mentioned that I had my body fat percentage and my body fat mass measured.

The results were excellent for me:

70 kg weight

19.8 % body fat

13.8 kg body fat mass

That was after being on a high fat diet for almost 3 weeks.
It got me wondering how eating a high fat diet affects body fat. Will it make it higher or lower?

I am going to get my stats each month to see what effect it has on me.

My boyfriend, Aaron also got his body fat measured:

As you can see, it is on the higher end of ideal.

It was a little disappointing because he trains with weights just as hard as I do, if not harder some days.

He is not overweight but after training for months, we can only put it down to diet.

He is now going to join me on my high fat diet and we are going to turn it into a little experiment.

We want to know if doing a calorie controlled high fat diet can positively affect body fat percentage.

We are going to stick to our normal training routine but we are committed to sticking to this high fat diet to see what it can do.

I want to reiterate in this post, we are not doing the keto diet. In my opinion, keto is not sustainable for people who are weight training 5 to 6 days each week to build muscle. We need carbs in our pre-workout meal to fuel our workout.

Our carbs will make up around 25% of our diet, maybe more.

If anyone else has managed to reduce their body fat percentage on this sort of diet, I’d love to know how you got on.



  1. I would actually switch athletes and fitness. Usually athletes who are concerned about strength and growth try to stay between 10-15% bf. Anyways I’m a nineteen year old who is in the beginning of my fitness journey. I started a blog to share my experiences and progress along the way! If your interested check it out! braedonsjourney.wordpress.com


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