High fat, low carb diets, are they healthier?

Carbs are awesome, don’t get me wrong. But are we eating too many?

A couple of weeks ago I watched a documentary about eating a high fat diet. The presenter switched from eating a rather balanced, maybe a little carby diet to cutting the carbs and eating foods high in fat. 

To cut a long story short, the guy lost weight, not dramatically, but steadily. He felt good and had more energy but even more surprisingly, his cholesterol levels went from high to normal.

I figured, why not give this a go!

I personally don’t need to lose weight, I am perfectly happy with myself and if I gain a few pounds, I put it down to increased muscle size. I’m getting buff, not fat!

I did some research into high fat diets and found some pretty interesting information.

Fat is essential for hormone regulation and in turn can improve brain function and memory and can improve symptoms of depression. It’s good for the heart and joints, think Omega 3 and how we are always told to include oily fish in our diet.

I have a hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS, Google it if you don’t know what it is. It comes with side effects like acne and irregular periods. And just to make it clear…no period = anger, frustration and downright crankyness not to mention low energy. Oh, the joys of being a woman. 

My hope is that by increasing my fat intake, my hormones will regulate themselves and I’ll feel a whole lot happier with a ton of energy!

There is a lot of conflicting information on the Internet about low carb diets and muscle gain. Most information suggests that you will lose muscle if you don’t get enough carbs. 

It is true that your body needs carbs to gain muscle, the glucose is used as energy within your muscles when you work out. It is essential.

I will not be going keto!

My goal here is to consume enough carbs to fuel my workouts so that the energy does not come from the fat and protein that is stored inside my muscles. I will be eating essential carbohydrate only and my pre-workout meal will have the most carbs out of them all. Luckily, my protein shake that I have post-workout will provide me with some extra carbs to replace what was lost during my workout.

When you go on the keto diet, only around 5% of your energy comes from carbohydrates, that won’t work for me.

I spent a few months trying to eat a low fat diet. My macros were around 25% fat 25% protein and 50% carbs. 

My energy was low, my mood was up and down and I felt bloated a lot of the time. Carbs seem to bloat me more often than not and I always felt hungry.

I was thinking about how humans have evolved. Hunter gatherers would have eaten a high fat low carb diet too. Any carbs that they would eat would come from vegetation, berries, leaves etc. The rest of their diet was meat, so a lot of fat and protein. Maybe that is how we should all be eating.

I am my own test subject. I have been doing this for the past few days now and it has been a struggle trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. I mean, chocolate is super carby! 

My macros have been slow to adjust but after a few days I’m pretty much hitting my macro goals 

I am a little worried about how my workouts will be effected and if my muscles suffer because of this but I really enjoy pushing my body to see what happens.

I will post regular updates about this. Has anyone gone low carb while training? How did it effect your workouts? Please comment and let me know since that is my biggest concern.



    1. Awesome! I hope you post some updates about your experience with this. I think being in a calorie deficit is easier on a high fat diet (for me it is) since fat fills us up for longer. Good luck with yours!


      1. I’d just like to know if it impacts any workouts that you do. If you lose weight from it. Whether your energy levels are higher or lower. And also any cool ideas for food that is low carb. I’m probably going to experiment a bit with different recipes. I guess it would just be interesting to see how it effects people differently πŸ‘


  1. It’s an interesting subject , fat doesn’t make you fat like alot of people think. It’s not good on Cholesterol levels , but it’s carbs that make you put on,, the body only stores around 400g of carbs in the body , so it converts in needed carbs into fat to use the stores are low .


    1. So far so good! I’ve only felt bloated once and that was an off day because I had more carbs. I believe now more than ever that starchy carbs are not great.


  2. Great post! I hope this and your fitness journey are going well. It is great that you are really listening to your body to out how your body reacts to different foods. Either way everybody falls on fat vs. carbs…the devil that is truly in the room is not. being. active. Obviously you are!! So true about the Hunter-Gatherers & also they too for all intensive purposes had to be physically active to find food.

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    1. Thanks for your comment πŸ˜€ Staying active is definitely key! But people need to figure out what food to eat. Because we are all so different, recommended ‘balanced’ diets don’t work for everyone. It’s taken me so long to find what works for me.

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    1. Hi, It helped me get to 19% body fat which I was pretty pleased about. I didn’t get bloated or anything and just generally felt happier within myself. I thought my workouts would be affected by the adjustment but they were great.

      I stopped over the holidays and felt completely sluggish so I am back on this diet now.

      If you can find a happy medium and allow yourself some carbs and some treats every now and then, I think it really works.

      Good luck with your new diet, I’d love to hear how you find it.

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