My week of gym workouts

As you guys know, I recently ditched my home workouts and signed up to the gym. It’s going pretty well so far but it’s taken me a couple of weeks to adjust. Planning my workouts is not going well because the gym gets super busy. I am not one to wait in line for equipment (yes, it’s that busy!). But, once you get to know the busy periods, it get easier. Avoiding those times is key to get a good workout in, for me anyway.

This past week I spent 6 days at the gym. My gym has a cool little personal calendar on their website where is automatically tracks your gym usage.


Unfortunately, this is the busiest day at the gym and I did not have a good workout. I left feeling so frustrated!

I managed to get a small workout in before giving up and getting the hell out of that mad house!

3 Sets of 10 reps:

  • Leg Press – 90kg
  • Cable Bicep Curls
  • Cable Tricep Push downs
  • 10 Minute Treadmill run


BODYPUMP! Since Tuesdays are also really busy at my gym, I did a class instead. I’ve done Bodypump before and really enjoyed it. It actually helps build muscle endurance which is something I don’t really get from my usual weight training workouts. One thing I will say is never go too heavy during bodypump because there is a lot of repetition. It is a really enjoyable class to take especially if like me, you enjoy lifting weights.


This was my rest day and I needed it. I was super tired from bodypump and my muscles were a little sore too. The thing about bodypump is that it works your whole body and if you do get sore, you’re sore all over! I don’t think I could have chosen a body part to work out that wasn’t sore. I definitely didn’t want to make it worse.


What an excellent workout! I have no idea how long I was at the gym for but it was a long time.

I worked shoulders & back and added a little bit of biceps, triceps and cardio.

  • 3×10 Lat Pull downs – 45kg
  • 3×10 Seated Cable Rows – 35kg

The next exercise was done as a pyramid set. I increased the weight over 5 sets starting at 25kg and increasing the weight by 5kg each time until I reached 45kg. 

  • Overhand Bent Over Cable Row
  • 2×6 Underhand Bent Over Cable Row – 45kg 
  • 3×10 Bent Over Unilateral Cable Rows – 25kg 

Free weights…

  • 3×10 Lat Raise – 4kg

Superset x3…

  • 10 Bicep Curls – 8kg
  • 10 Tricep Extensions – 5kg
  • 10 Hammer Curls -8kg

Then I did some tester bicep curls. I wanted to see if I was ready to increase my weight (I almost am!)

  • 1×8 Bicep Curls – 9kg
  • 1×5 Bicep Curls – 10kg (wow!)

10 minute treadmill run at 11.5km per hour. Last 400m was run at 14 km per hour.


I was so tired! But still, I wanted to get some kind of workout in.

3×10 Hypertensions with 8kg Kettlebell

Ab Superset x3 – high incline.

  • 10 Crunches
  • 10 Sit-Ups
  • 10 Oblique Twist Sit-Ups

30 minute treadmill run

  • 20 minutes interval running 11 to 14 km per hour
  • 10 high incline run at 9 km per hour


Since I’ve been working at at home for so long, I’ve not been able to squat with a significant amount of weight. I had only been able to squat around 15 to 20kg so I really wanted to see how well I could squat now that I have access to a squat rack. 

My boyfriend and I managed to squat a safe 40kg, not bad for a couple of gym newbies. This is something that we are both going to focus on for the next couple of months.

  • 1×20 Hip Adductor – 45kg
  • 1×20 Hip Abductor – 45kg
  • 2×10 Calf Machine Unilateral – 25kg
  • 2×10 Unilateral Lying Leg Curls – 15kg
  • 1×10 Lying Leg Curls – 35kg
  • 3×10 Unilateral Leg Press – 30kg

Squats! 6 to 10 reps for each weight

  1. 20kg
  2. 25kg
  3. 30kg
  4. 35kg
  5. 40kg
  • 2×8 Unilateral Leg Press – 30kg
  • 3×10 Leg Press – 100kg
  • 2×10 Unilateral Leg Extensions – 20kg
  • 1×10 Leg Extensions – 45kg

5 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster to finish.

You might be wondering why I’m doing a lot of unilateral exercises. I’m doing this to try to make both legs equally strong. I will be doing another post about this in future.

This was a good week at the gym and I can only see it getting better. I am seeing little bits of progress and it all adds up. My goal now, is to increase the weight that I can squat but I also need to work on my form. I need to be more flexible.
Flexibility is a real issue for me so I really need to figure out some excellent stretch routines. Any tips on this would be super helpful. 



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