Ditching home workouts for better gains.

I love working out at home!

When I first started working out, I did workout dvd’s like Beachbody’s T25. I absolutely loved it! I saw great results, around 15 lbs disappeared. 

After a couple of months, I needed more! I started lifting weights. Again, I saw great results and I found that I enjoyed weightlifting so much more than any workout dvd because I could customise my workouts for myself.

The last few months, I’ve been in a plateau. My body needs a greater variation in my workouts. I decided to ditch the home workouts (not completely) for the gym!

JD GYM – Coventry. Not too busy on a Sunday evening.

It’s been 2 weeks so far and I have to say, I have seen superb progress. Just one example, I’ve increased my bicep Curl weight by 3 kg. 3kg!!! 
Also, squat rack!!! Now I can squat with heavier weight.

By using some of the machines as well as free weights, I’ve been able to gain extra strength. Lifting weights at home only provides me with limited muscle movement. I want a good mix of PUSH and PULL. 

I’ve also found that being in a gym environment helps me to focus more on what I’m doing, no distractions. You could say, I get in the zone!

But it’s great fun!

Today we worked shoulders and back. We used pretty much all the machines available because I’ve not yet planned specific exercises. But that’s in progress.

In my opinion, home workouts can only take you so far. So unless you have the space (and funds) for a squat rack and a cable machine, go and try out your local gym, you’ll see the difference.

Even though I’m a newbie at the gym, I’m starting to figure out great training strategies and am developing workouts to do there to keep it structured.

 I’m super excited about how my body will develop over the next few months.


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