Workout rest week. Sigh!

Following last week’s very successful ‘meal prep and workout plan’ Sunday, I caught a bug and it ruined it all!

It was either a bug or my lovely meal prep food turned on me. Either way, I braved half a day at work on Monday before having to go home feeling like death. I slept all day and all night. Not being able to keep food down left me weak for days!

I do not get sick! This was frustrating to me and I was surprised just how much a 24 hour sickness bug took it out of me. I would never have thought I’d take so long to recover.

I managed a really pathetic shoulder and back workout on Wednesday. It was so pathetic, that I knew I had to take time out to focus on eating right to get my energy back to optimum levels.

I am now back at my lowest weight since I started lifting weights and to be honest, I’m not happy about it! For the past few days I have made sure to increase my carbs by around 15% and allowed myself extra high energy food to gear myself up for starting back on Monday. Of course, I’ve kept my protein levels just as high as they’d be if I was working out.

One week later, I am so looking forward to tomorrow (Monday). I know that my workout will be awesome. I am planning a full upper body workout followed by a t25 cardio workout. Let’s do this!!!

I am very curious how others eat when recovering from illness or during a rest week. Do you increase you calorie intake? Do you make adjustments to your macros? Do you take any additional vitamins? Please feel free to comment.


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