Meal Prep Sunday!

How many of you guys meal prep for the week on a Sunday?

I do meal prep on a Sunday, always in the hope that the meals will last until Friday. They never do! By Wednesday I am out of meals and have to prep all over again.

It takes around half a day to cook and prepare everything but it is worth it!

Being able to go to the fridge and grab a boxed up meal to eat instantly is a big time saver. I don’t have much time available in the week to cook. I really do love the ‘grab & go’ lifestyle.

This week, I cooked a variety of meat; 

  • A Whole Roast Chicken
  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • Ground Beef 
  • Diced Beef Steak 

For the carby goodness to accompany the meat I cooked;

  • White Rice (usually brown, but never mind)
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes (grown in my Dad’s allotment)

And just to top it off I microwaved a whole bag of Frozen Mixed Veg – quick and easy.

All cooked up!

I go through stages of tracking my food. When I do, I use the ‘my fitness pal’ app. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. My favourite feature on my fitness pal is the nutritional and macro percentage tracker.
I always watch my macros, regardless of whether I’m tracking my food or not. My current macros are approximately…

  • Protein 35% (single scoop protein shake included)
  • Fat 25%
  • Carbs 40%

That is just what is working for me right now but I often change it based on my goals. I am currently in maintenance mode so I’ll be sticking at this for the next few weeks.

I always measure out my food in cups. 

  • Meat – 1 cup
  • Carbs – 1/2 cup
  • Veg (also a carb) – 1/4 cup
Individual measured meal boxes.

Each meal is between 350 – 450 calories. I am not currently tracking my food on my fitness pal so these are just estimates. I’ve found that I’m pretty good at knowing what’s in my meals now because I’ve been doing this for so long now.

I know, these meals seem pretty boring! I’m not restrictive on adding all sorts of sauces before I eat them. Also, if I feel like having a huge pizza all to myself one evening, I will. If I feel like a special (donut) snack, I’ll have it. Everything is done in moderation. I don’t even have set meal times, if I’m hungry, I’ll eat. In fact, if I’m hungry, I get cranky, so I need to eat. I guess it’s all about listening to your body.

What do you guys eat when you are simply trying to maintain your weight and muscle mass?

Do you snack on healthy foods like nuts and carrots etc? Or do you allow yourself sugary treats?

What changes do you make when you want to cut fat? And also what do you eat when you are bulking?

This is a super interesting subject for me and I really like experimenting with macros. Any comments, feedback, meal prep ideas or even links to other fitness food blogs would be awesome!!



  1. Våra barn råkade också ta upp frågan för en par dagar sedan eftersom ett syskonpar på dagis har en filippinsk dagmamma. C bara konstaterade att hon med brunt ansikte inte är x mamma utan att hens mamma har vitt ansikte. Jag svarade att hon är från filippinerna och är deras dagmamma. Vi kom in på var Filippinerna ligger och han förstod att där är hett då jag sade att det ligger nära Thailand (där vi varit). Förklarade att det finns olika hudfärger, att det blivit så under lång tid för att de som bor i varma soliga länder ska klara sig i solen och inte bränna sig. Sedan orkade de inte diskutera mer den här gången. Så mer än detta har inte vi heller pratat men i något skede måste man naturligtvis ta upp saken. Oftast tycker jag att saker kommer upp på ett naturligt sätt och att det känns onaturligt att plötsligt börja tala om vad man får och inte får kalla människor.


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